What is CharmSpeak?

Spirit and passion come together in CharmSpeak Jewelry Design Studio by Tina Reiser. Tina is a full service custom jeweler with personalized service to meet the needs of your busy schedule in the Denver Metro area. Tina creates very high quality jewelry to become your future family heirlooms in your own unique style.

CharmSpeak is a term Tina found from reading Greek Mythology  books with her children. In the books the Goddess Aphrodite had a special gift called “charm speak”, it was an ability to bring love and influence mortals with her voice.  Tina was enamored by the sound of the words and has channeled love her  into her creative passion for jewelry some 15 years later.  

 Tina is a self-taught jeweler that has a drive for learning and creating with her hands. This has culminated in creating not one but 2 businesses (CharmSpeak and TinaRdesigns) both striving to cultivate strong relationships that allow her clients and customers to create jewelry/rings that are unique and of very high quality to become future family heirlooms.

 Tina has many great design influences, but the 2 at the top are very special; they are Suzanne Belperron the first woman jewelry designer in the early 1900’s  who’s  modern jewelry design  is still revered today and Iris Apfel  the fearless fashionista that became famous for her bright colors, layered jewelry and large round eyeglasses.  They remind her of the indomitable spirit that women require to rise above and succeed.

As a jewelry designer Tina  welcomes all people and believes love is love. I am happy to support the LGBTQ+ community, by donating 1% of my profits to give back organizations  who support to this community.

 I am also  happy to now add  one of the most well-known companies in the jewelry industry to my resources. and offer the latest cutting edge technology to offer unlimited possibilities as your personal jeweler.

 Please spread the word about me if you think I can help you create your dreams!


 Tina Reiser